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Since 2008 Kayjay Packaging Ltd has been a partner/player in horticultural sector  offering  export packaging materials such as edge protectors, wooden pallets, Plastic Strappings and Metal clips. Moreover the industrial sector, Distribution and Clearing & Forwarding companies have too been our clients for storage/off-loading pallets; shipping pallets; warehousing pallets and planned heat treated timber for crating. Clearing & Forwarding firms have utilized our treatment chamber for heat treatment services both for old wooden (imported) crates/pallets and newly assembled ones for re-packing export products. We design wooden crates and further aid in the packaging alongside offering packaging consultancy services. Wooden pallets and corners (Edge protectors/cardboard corners) are manufactured for customer specification.


To be a market leader in packaging industry

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To offer avodable and quality packaging products

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  • P  – Passion
  • A  – Ability
  • C  – Cohesion
  • K  – Kindness
  • A  – Accuracy
  • G  – Genuine
  • I    – Integrity
  • N  – Neatness
  • G  – Group-work


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Air and sea wooden pallets are heat treated to conform to International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM No.15) which are guidelines for regulating wood packaging material in international trade. We are accredited firm by Kenya plant health inspectorate services (Kephis), the kenyan accredation authority, to heat treat timber and timber products. Our stamping details are licensed as KE 0011;HT DB after heat treatment. We usually have valid license. Since fumigation of wood packaging products has been phased out, we are a compliant company for the recommended timber treatment method i.e heat treatment. Wooden pallets handling food stuffs and household consumables require this current treatment to kill pests (in all their stages) and pest diseases purported to be infested in the wood preferably than fumigating since no chemicals are applied in the process.

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We’re a group of passionate people helping you to grow your business.

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With confidence and experience, success is certain



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With confidence and experience, success is certain



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